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“The Bigness Project” training program by Jen Sinkler full and legal download. Feel free to share this ebook with your friends on Facebook! I have been seriously lifting and working out for about 6 years. I have NOT cared about my nutrition until recently, and am currently 20 pounds into my cut.

Now, I am by no means the biggest, leanest, or meanest “bodybuilder” in the world. Indeed, I’m not even the biggest or leanest person at my local gym. But what I do have is a passion for improving myself. Just today, my wife made the comment of “I love you the way you are now” after showing her my progress photos. While this seems like a lovely and heartfelt comment, it actually bothered me to my core. I have often told her that I was not trying to get big or shredded because I thought she would love me more, but yet these comments seem to persist. I thought I would write a little rant about WHY people get into fitness, or more specifically, why I got into fitness. Why I got into fitness is easy: I met my wife and wanted to impress her. Done. Next question.

But for real, My family moved to a new area for my dad’s job change, and I met this wonderful girl. High school me was skinny, acne-ridden, and very close to goth (wearing all black). Having at least seen a few movies such as Twilight and the like, I thought you had to have big muscles to get the girls (like Jacob, not the fairy). My father used to lift back in the day, and agreed to start working out with me. So I found a workout plan online and got to work. I have absolutely no idea about nutrition or supplements and thought that within weeks of lifting, I would get huge. I was wrong.

After weeks and weeks of 5 am workout sessions and barely being able to move, I still did not see any results. I was bench pressing an impressive 75 pounds. Not adding 75 pounds, but 75 pounds TOTAL. It honestly wasn’t until college that I started to realize my gains. And even this came after people commenting on how good I was starting to look. My 6 foot 4-inch frame was starting to fill out. I went from 145 pounds to 185 pounds. And then I grew to 220 pounds. I was DEFINITELY not lean. I knew nothing about nutrition and was pounding the protein shakes like they were going out of style. I grew, but with a lot more chub than I wanted. But my arms were getting big, and my chest was filling out.

When you start to see results, it becomes something else. It’s no longer a way to impress girls, it’s a drug. Like one of my favorite fitness models, Greg Plitt said, “The pump is like a drug. You don’t have to smoke it or shoot up for it, you just need to sweat for it.” And man was I addicted. Now, I forgot to mention that while I was a Junior in High school, I finally got the girl. My first and only girlfriend ended up to be my beautiful wife I know and love today! (To all you skinny guys out there, there’s hope.) But her comment bugged the crap out of me. “I like you like this though” cut me to my soul. She isn’t fitness oriented and only puts up with it from me because my job requires a level of fitness. But how could she not understand what I was doing?

For me, lifting has become something other than to look good. Yes, it will be great to have abs this summer, but that’s not WHY I do it. I do it too slowly better myself every day. If you become content with your life, you stop working hard. You stop working hard, things start falling apart. I had worked very hard, both in the gym and out, to get where I am today. So here is why I workout:

I workout to be a better version of myself. I workout to prove to myself that I can do something that not many people can do. I workout to relieve stress from a very stressful job and life. I lift to block the pain. I workout to push myself to new limits and achieve a goal. I workout to take care of the only body I’ll ever have. And most importantly, I workout to stay healthy for my wife and unborn son. In my job, my fitness could determine my life. I couldn’t stand to die, and look down at my wife and child and think “huh, he beat you. Too bad I should’ve worked harder, he wouldn’t have won.” That thought terrifies me. I’ve never told her that, but the thought of me dying and leaving her is absolutely terrifying.

Anyways, thanks for reading and don’t forget to download Jen Sinkler’s fitness program “The Bigness Project”! I am really impressed with the quality of this product. Stay Strong!

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