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Lotto Dominator ebook full and legal download in PDF format. Feel free to read Richard Lustig’s book only if you really want to get a big Lotto win. He absentmindedly swept his fingers across the side of his neck, as the errant bead of sweat gathered pace and traveled south. Rattled, he grabbed his glass and downed the last of his drink, which, like his luck – was melting away.

It was common knowledge that time was the enemy in casino’s, thus there were no windows which showed the passing of the day outside. Inside it was always time to gamble. Maybe this was why it felt like only a couple of hours ago, Richard was sitting atop a small fortune.

He was right, but his mind couldn’t correlate the disparity between that position and where he was now, which was the opposite end of the spectrum. How could it have got so bad, so quickly?

It didn’t help that male bravado was his gambling buddy. Yep, nothing changes when there is a lady to impress, and guys are so stupid that they think that the tactics of 1920 still apply today. Oh yeah, he chastised himself in his mind, the way to lure a woman is definitely show them your gambling prowess and a stack of chips. If that doesn’t work, then just show them you have balls of steel as you fritter away an amount that could have paid off your house and paid for another.

Those words bounced off the hollow walls in his mind, mocking him as he twiddled his mum’s wedding ring on his finger. He was an idiot. He wasn’t a big-time businessman. He certainly wasn’t making decisions on stocks and shares. No, the money he was placed on the roulette table was more than he had ever seen. Which made his current position even more infuriating…

Richard Lustig’s Ebook “Lottery Dominator”

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