Family Survival System

The Family Survival System PDF free download. Worsening of the European debt crisis led to the deterioration of the economic situation worldwide. The decline in economic growth worried the US and China, while Europe lives in a period of recession. Ordinary people care little for economic problems at the macro level; however, criticism not only the news and expert commentary. Job loss, falling incomes, and unemployment — this is how ordinary people perceive this crisis. They are forced to abandon expensive purchases, to save money on vacations and clothes. Are there ways to protect against crisis at the family level? Of course, there are these ways!! There is even a great book Family Survival System, you can do anything with its help. Until then, here are some useful tips.

The first method of protection from the crisis is universal and long term; however, it must be used long before the problems in the economy occur. Discard any credits to reduce the impact of the crisis on your family. Bank employees will not come to you to confiscate your property if you lose your job and can’t service the debt. The lack of debt dramatically reduces financial vulnerability.

Plan your income and expenses, count money, and make a family budget. This will help you to monitor your cash flow in any situation. You will quickly change the cost structure if the crisis deprives you of income. So you will get the opportunity to withstand the crisis.

Get an education to be protected from the crisis. Professional knowledge will be useful for you to make a career and become an indispensable expert. Expanding your professional arsenal, you will insure yourself against the deterioration of the situation on the labor market.

Learn how to earn income from multiple sources. Find additional jobs, keep your savings in your savings account to get passive income, rent your vacant garage. In short, find a way to earn at least a couple of euros not at your main place of work. This will give you confidence.

Settle for any job, if your profession is not in demand during the crisis. Don’t be afraid to ruin track record — work is always better than idleness. Besides, at the new place of work you can find good opportunities for retraining and career growth.

Remember that the economy has a cyclic nature. This means that the crisis is always followed by growth, which again will be followed by a crisis. Learn how to live in changing times! Yes, we live in an era of relative prosperity. We have an excellent health care system, shelves in stores are packed with a wide range of products and means of communication work with great speed. The system of transport services is available. Cities are connected by developed networks of highways, rail lines, marine channels, and airports.

For the first time in the history of mankind, most of it lives in cities. But there is a reverse side of abundance – super complexity, super specialization and very long chains of supplying. Less than 2% of the population is involved in the sphere of agriculture and fisheries in the advanced countries of the world. Just imagine: 2% feed the remaining 98% of people! Before getting on the table, your food overcomes the hundreds and even thousands of kilometers. Houses are illuminated and heated by electricity, which is produced too many miles away from them. Even water overcomes a considerable distance to reach the taps. You see, at any moment all could collapse and then you cannot do without the skills of survival in extreme conditions.

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