Diabetes Freedom

PDF EBOOK DOWNLOAD! Diabetes Freedom, by George Relly and James Freeman. I would see the needle go into my skin, swear I could feel the blood leaving my body, and proceed to vomit. Shots? No. No. Nope. It was like that since I could remember. I could not handle needles. Then diabetes.

I had to give MYSELF the shots. Oh, man. It took me at least 2 hours before realizing I had to stick myself or face death. No, that is no exaggeration at all. My diabetes requires insulin or I will die (I’m type 2, but an oddball). I finally looked at the shot, and asked myself what I am more afraid of the sharp pain of a needle or slowly dying? So I chose to stab myself and I continue to do so every day. There is sometimes some pain, but it is necessary. Being uncomfortable makes me be able to survive.

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