Bedroom Boss

Learn how to go from boring to badass in the bedroom Adam Armstrong’s eBook “Bedroom Boss”! Instead of asking yes/no questions or stating something you like and asking if she likes it too, ask more open questions. Asking her things like ‘What turns you on?’ ‘What would you like to try?’ ‘What are your fantasies?’ will get you much closer to understanding what she really enjoys.

Leave your ego at the door and make sure your partner feels safe to share her feedback without you being offended. Your partner is likely to shut down and not share if she is fearful being honest will hurt your feelings. If she doesn’t enjoy something, don’t take it personally, just adjust and try different things. Reinforce all of this by telling your partner you don’t want her to fake it…let her know you are genuinely invested in her pleasure.

Bedroom Boss by Adam Armstrong

Bedroom Boss eBook cover


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