The Tactical Muscle System

PDF Ebook Download! The Tactical Muscle System, by Todd Lamb. Having a fit body doesn’t mean that you’re healthy and strong. You may have a fit body but you may not eat healthy foods and you may not have a good cardio. You may have a fit body but you may not be as strong as a powerlifter and not as strong as an MMA fighter. Let’s talk about having a fit body. To have a fit body, you just need to track your calorie and your macro-nutrition. And you need to train your muscles with a hypertrophy program.

It doesn’t require you to track your micro-nutrition and to train your cardio (even though it could help). Having a fit body means that you strive to have lower body fat and higher muscle mass, just like bodybuilding. But having a fit body may help you to have a healthy and strong body because by having a high muscle mass, you don’t need to be afraid of consuming too much sugar, salt, cholesterol, or fat. Because those substances will be absorbed to your muscle, and since you have a high muscle mass you’d lift heavy stuff easier.

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