The Max Mind Lean Body Program

Your mind is your most powerful “muscle”. A younger, healthier you begins in your mind, and celebrity fitness couple Tom and Dawn Terwilliger have discovered a unique formula that leverages the imaginative power of your mind to achieve the body transformation you desire.

The Max Mind Lean Body program is a comprehensive mind-body, workout plan and anti-aging regimen, designed especially for men and women over forty who want to look and feel healthier, younger and more fit.

Drawing on their own successes as fitness models and coaches, as well as numerous scientific studies validating the transformative potential of the mind, Tom and Dawn Terwilliger have developed a proven methodology that trains your mind to envision your body at it’s optimum and motivates your body to follow.

This tested program is guaranteed to help you achieve significant, visible, results within just a few weeks!

What’s makes MMlb so powerfully effective?

Generally, exercise and good habits make for a healthier body, but imagine how much quicker you could achieve and sustain your fitness goals with a training system that targets both a mindset change and body transformation in an empowering, sustainable way!

With the Max Mind Lean Body program, you will more easily identify and eliminate mindset limitations holding you back from your fitness goals, burn excess fat, draw energy from your mind in sculpting your body, and develop the stamina and staying power you need to keep going.

What’s in the package?

The Max Mind Lean Body package includes a men’s version and a women’s version – each offering the same powerful, transformative regimen, but making subtle distinctions to ensure optimum, targeted results. The robust package also comes with 7 Mega Bonus specials to help you achieve your goals quicker, as well as a 30-Day MMlb Tribe membership so you don’t have to go the journey alone!

Get started! For a healthier, more energized, younger body and mind, start your journey with the Max Mind Lean Body program. Experience the impact of a mindset shift in achieving the body and overall fitness goals!

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