Immortology Hypnosis Series

The Immortology Hypnosis Series download in PDF & MP3 format. Feel free to share Gabriel Dee’s program with your friends on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. Why is this program so effective? Because it is based not only on scientific research but on my own personal experience, as well. It is a powerful combination of breathing techniques, energy exercises, professionally edited meditative music, vivid visualizations helped by sound effects, unique guided meditations, and deep spiritual insights. And all of these at a very deep level of hypnosis, where your subconscious mind can be affected directly. This stuff is awesome! The parents’ meditation stirred something up inside of me, something that felt a bit uncomfortable. I am finding myself feeling “stuck” both emotionally and thinking a lot about my past lately and so I want to dig a little deeper, I think this might help. Download file now!

Immortology Hypnosis Series pdf