The Heart Of Flow

PDF Ebook Download! The Heart Of Flow, by C Wilson Meloncelli. One thing I strive to do daily is take a 30-minute walk. When I am at work, I walk during my lunch break. But even when I am not in the office, I still get my daily walk in! When at work, sometimes I will walk with a coworker, or sometimes I will walk by myself and listen to a podcast or audiobook.

When I am at home, I put my toddler in the stroller and we go on a walk together. She likes them too. Along with the many physical benefits of walking (decrease in blood pressure, reduced chance of heart disease, and easing of joint pain), it has such a positive effect on my mental health, as well.

I think some tips to readers would be to make it an enjoyable habit. Walking with a friend or coworker can make it fun, same with listening to a book or podcast. I keep a pair of athletic shoes in my office, so I am always ready to go. I enjoy my daily walks and I think that is why I can keep up the habit consistently. So I would encourage others to develop a healthy habit that they enjoy!

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